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FR1DAYS Standard issue Home PageGet ready for Dredd
Thrill - Pow'er n. The capacity to induce sudden frenzied excitement or stimulation of pleasure circuits. [c23: from Betelgeusian Schreel Pow'ya, literally: Traumatic Circuit Spasm. Ref. 20th C, "2000 AD".]

Welcome to FR1DAY's 2000 A.D Page

Dedicated to the worlds greatest comic
and the artists who make it so great

Tharg Editor and Source Of thrill Power For 2000 AD

Tharg Editor and source of thrill power for 2000 AD


For those uninformed out there 2000 A.D is a British comic with attitude and home to some of the worlds greatest comic heroes and antihero’s forget your superman’s and your Batman’s where talking serious guys and girls with serious attitudes and even more serious hardware.


First Published in 1977 it has grown in to one to the world’s greatest comics actually in my opinion the worlds greatest. Always innovative never scared to try new things or new artists it is a joy to read and its main Character Judge Dredd is syndicated world wide and has been made into various computer games and a movie the highest accolade for any comic character. Those of you who have seen Judge Dredd either at the movies played one of the games or in a newspaper comic strip may not be aware of the vast world that has been built around him or the other non Dredd Related characters that are regulars in the comic.

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2000 AD

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